Friday, January 10, 2014

Life's change

Few changes in my life...

Work, living place, personal and friends...

If you can refer to this entry rezki dari Allah i've been accepted as part of MCM (international school in Nusajaya)..

Alhamdulillah, after what i've gone through in previous company, i seek for better opportunities, experience and of course better salary.. :)

by the way, after 2 weeks of Hari Raya which 19th August i started my first day job in the new company..

I really hope i can do well here cause i will work with almost 90% are expatriate.. they are UK people..

not only teachers but the students as well.. they are rich, richer and richest where they pay a lot to study... and of course spoil ;(

but, its good to expose with new working environment.. gain experience, socializing with them, make friend and improve your english! yayyyyy!! that is the best thing...

at least there is something you can achieve in your life... as an added value :)

that's why most of my entry this year in english.. haha... feel confident to write even though a lot of grammatical error.. but its a good start.. isn't it? from writing to speaking and listening..

more than that? hurmmm.. get better pay rather than previous company.. Alhamdulillah... in fact free meals which i love the most!!... smash atkins diet.. i can't resist to take the carbonara... wohooooo! yummehhh!!

i know my BFF here, KID.. thin and cute chinese girl who can't read mandarin writing... kikikikiki~ she's really helpful.. she's good in arts.. she helped me a lot in developing this library.. im happy to make friend with her... :) she gave me tips to reduce weight as well.. haha

my boss? super duper kind person who 100% trust on me to build up this library... so this is the time to prove that i can do the job! so far he is so satisfied with my work..

He wrote this for me :)
Anyway, still early to measure what i've done... i hope i still can do well in my job..

hope so i can get better pay than this >.< haha

will post out the pictures of what i've transformed here..

Till then..


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