Thursday, January 9, 2014

Blogilates.. the new beginning

have you heard about blogilates before?

not related to blogilates...haha
my friend was telling me this exercise but i don't even have time to browse through.. actually ignored

today suddenly i have the spirit to start what i've left before..which was DIET...

funny right? so i just search in google what is blogilates..

oh no!! the exercises are so cruel to meeeee!

i think i can't do that! hello hello hello...

who said you can't do that? you can! can! can!

you need to motivate yourself!

please fiza... please do the 90 days challenges..

start measure your body weight...

then follow the meal plan and exercise..

do motivate me guys!

footnotes: please google what is blogilates ya! see ya..haha


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