Monday, August 15, 2016

Assalamualaikum (Semoga takde makhluk halus yang bersarang dalam ni.. haha)

Hello Everybody..

I broke my promise last time since i supposed to write about my new job..after i left Marlborough College... please forgive me.. -ampunkan saya penunggu gua- haha.. almost a year since my last post.. and i'm going to move again..and again... haha!

I didn't expect about the new job offer but i'm expecting to start my new life there! In shaa Allah.. load of things happened in my life... load of stories to talk and to be blogged out.. I believe i'll back with blogspot soon since i left them so many days and months.. haha!

Btw, what story should i start first? these are the lists:

1. Current life
2. Love story
3. Family Story
4. Career

I'm a grown women (getting bigger in size as well..haha), I think need to think more about my future especially marriage life... hurm.. those days, here is the best place to release everything especially during 'stress' but nowadays, my fingers are getting bigger so i couldn't finish the writing...

I'll more about the topics, i left my latest picture to all of you... diet is don't be surprised with the 'new' me... haha

with kuyun a.k.a nurul atiqah... my niece.. she growths really well same like her 'acik'.. haha

I should blogged out about 'Mak' stories as well.. she had been attacked with Minor Stoke during Eid Mubarak 2016.. she's getting better, still in recovering process... the details will be out soon...

So, i think that's all for now... need to collect all pictures in my phone and arrange in sequence..

See you soon everibadi! tata!

Si cantik,

Friday, October 30, 2015


Hi guys..

I'm back again after more than a year..

a lot of stories to tell everibadi!

hurm.. just need time to recover from 'M' sick..

sickening! haha..

btw, I leave you with my latest pic okay.. in case you all missed me...

any way, just to keep you update.. i move from previous international school and back to university life.,

will talk about this in detail later ya!

See you..


Thursday, October 9, 2014



Dah lama tak merepek dalam blog.. haha....lama giler kot..

haha...lama je, giler tak la..masih waras lagi.. Alhamdulillah masih diberi kesempatan untuk menaip ni...

nak update banyak story... banyakkk gilerrr... see.. giler lagii..haha

semoga diberi kekuatan dan rahmat dari Allah s.w.t

to be continued...


Wednesday, May 7, 2014


Lama dah x menulis...

Bersawang dah blog ni..

Banyak sgt cerita nak kongsi...

Kena cari masa...


Friday, January 10, 2014

Have a good weekend ahead

It's friday!! say yeayyy!!

have a nice weekend friends...

spend time with family...

i've been working 7 days a week..

need enough rest :)

see ya!


Life's change

Few changes in my life...

Work, living place, personal and friends...

If you can refer to this entry rezki dari Allah i've been accepted as part of MCM (international school in Nusajaya)..

Alhamdulillah, after what i've gone through in previous company, i seek for better opportunities, experience and of course better salary.. :)

by the way, after 2 weeks of Hari Raya which 19th August i started my first day job in the new company..

I really hope i can do well here cause i will work with almost 90% are expatriate.. they are UK people..

not only teachers but the students as well.. they are rich, richer and richest where they pay a lot to study... and of course spoil ;(

but, its good to expose with new working environment.. gain experience, socializing with them, make friend and improve your english! yayyyyy!! that is the best thing...

at least there is something you can achieve in your life... as an added value :)

that's why most of my entry this year in english.. haha... feel confident to write even though a lot of grammatical error.. but its a good start.. isn't it? from writing to speaking and listening..

more than that? hurmmm.. get better pay rather than previous company.. Alhamdulillah... in fact free meals which i love the most!!... smash atkins diet.. i can't resist to take the carbonara... wohooooo! yummehhh!!

i know my BFF here, KID.. thin and cute chinese girl who can't read mandarin writing... kikikikiki~ she's really helpful.. she's good in arts.. she helped me a lot in developing this library.. im happy to make friend with her... :) she gave me tips to reduce weight as well.. haha

my boss? super duper kind person who 100% trust on me to build up this library... so this is the time to prove that i can do the job! so far he is so satisfied with my work..

He wrote this for me :)
Anyway, still early to measure what i've done... i hope i still can do well in my job..

hope so i can get better pay than this >.< haha

will post out the pictures of what i've transformed here..

Till then..




What to write for today?

hurmm... i've decided to breakup with 'abang'..

it's not actually fully breakup.. fully breakup? can meh? hentam sajolah...

I decided to be silent, disappeared from his life...

i told him, i will wait for him...

i gave him my address which he can come to me when the time he ready to have commitment to me...

for this time being, i can consider myself as single but not available.. still can meh?

There was a story behind this situation where i need to have space for myself...

to think improve myself, to heal the hurt.. to have space for myself and Allah... its easy to say istiqamah but to implement? i believe i can...

i know it happened because of my fault... i was too far from Allah... preoccupied with love.. which i shouldn't  be like that...

Alhamdulillah... Allah loves me... HE loves me so much...

I hope to consistently doing this...

Allah is GREAT... You are the best planner in universe.


Thursday, January 9, 2014

Blogilates.. the new beginning

have you heard about blogilates before?

not related to blogilates...haha
my friend was telling me this exercise but i don't even have time to browse through.. actually ignored

today suddenly i have the spirit to start what i've left before..which was DIET...

funny right? so i just search in google what is blogilates..

oh no!! the exercises are so cruel to meeeee!

i think i can't do that! hello hello hello...

who said you can't do that? you can! can! can!

you need to motivate yourself!

please fiza... please do the 90 days challenges..

start measure your body weight...

then follow the meal plan and exercise..

do motivate me guys!

footnotes: please google what is blogilates ya! see ya..haha


The latest..

Just wanna share my latest pic...

took this morning.. as usual.. selfie.. or syok sendiri?

I don't mind... as long as im happy :)

a lot more to talk... please faster than snail fiza! huhu

see ya!

Footnote: Please pray for my happiness, please pray for my safety in this world and hereafter..



There is something in my mind.. thinking of writing up but its hard to express..

yeah! yesterday i was blind date with someone who i know him in wechat...

probably, our conversation was good... fyi, since a long time ago.. i like to blind date...

opss! don't misinterpret cause the reason was i just want to find more friends :)

F.R.I.E.N.D which we can share stories.. emotions.. express our feelings (happy, sad, angry and so on..)

he's nice... we had talked about my problem... heart broke.. breakup.. sad.. but i can't cry in front of him..

he keep forcing me to express what i feel.. but i can't..

for the first time in my life when i face people, i can't look straight into their eye..

he said im rude... for me not.. i just don't want to look at him... easy right?

by the way, we met at pizza hut (damansara aliff)... around 6 p.m. and we dismissed at 7.15 i think, for maghrib..

that's the story...