Monday, August 15, 2016

Assalamualaikum (Semoga takde makhluk halus yang bersarang dalam ni.. haha)

Hello Everybody..

I broke my promise last time since i supposed to write about my new job..after i left Marlborough College... please forgive me.. -ampunkan saya penunggu gua- haha.. almost a year since my last post.. and i'm going to move again..and again... haha!

I didn't expect about the new job offer but i'm expecting to start my new life there! In shaa Allah.. load of things happened in my life... load of stories to talk and to be blogged out.. I believe i'll back with blogspot soon since i left them so many days and months.. haha!

Btw, what story should i start first? these are the lists:

1. Current life
2. Love story
3. Family Story
4. Career

I'm a grown women (getting bigger in size as well..haha), I think need to think more about my future especially marriage life... hurm.. those days, here is the best place to release everything especially during 'stress' but nowadays, my fingers are getting bigger so i couldn't finish the writing...

I'll more about the topics, i left my latest picture to all of you... diet is don't be surprised with the 'new' me... haha

with kuyun a.k.a nurul atiqah... my niece.. she growths really well same like her 'acik'.. haha

I should blogged out about 'Mak' stories as well.. she had been attacked with Minor Stoke during Eid Mubarak 2016.. she's getting better, still in recovering process... the details will be out soon...

So, i think that's all for now... need to collect all pictures in my phone and arrange in sequence..

See you soon everibadi! tata!

Si cantik,