Thursday, October 9, 2014



Dah lama tak merepek dalam blog.. haha....lama giler kot..

haha...lama je, giler tak la..masih waras lagi.. Alhamdulillah masih diberi kesempatan untuk menaip ni...

nak update banyak story... banyakkk gilerrr... see.. giler lagii..haha

semoga diberi kekuatan dan rahmat dari Allah s.w.t

to be continued...


Wednesday, May 7, 2014


Lama dah x menulis...

Bersawang dah blog ni..

Banyak sgt cerita nak kongsi...

Kena cari masa...


Friday, January 10, 2014

Have a good weekend ahead

It's friday!! say yeayyy!!

have a nice weekend friends...

spend time with family...

i've been working 7 days a week..

need enough rest :)

see ya!


Life's change

Few changes in my life...

Work, living place, personal and friends...

If you can refer to this entry rezki dari Allah i've been accepted as part of MCM (international school in Nusajaya)..

Alhamdulillah, after what i've gone through in previous company, i seek for better opportunities, experience and of course better salary.. :)

by the way, after 2 weeks of Hari Raya which 19th August i started my first day job in the new company..

I really hope i can do well here cause i will work with almost 90% are expatriate.. they are UK people..

not only teachers but the students as well.. they are rich, richer and richest where they pay a lot to study... and of course spoil ;(

but, its good to expose with new working environment.. gain experience, socializing with them, make friend and improve your english! yayyyyy!! that is the best thing...

at least there is something you can achieve in your life... as an added value :)

that's why most of my entry this year in english.. haha... feel confident to write even though a lot of grammatical error.. but its a good start.. isn't it? from writing to speaking and listening..

more than that? hurmmm.. get better pay rather than previous company.. Alhamdulillah... in fact free meals which i love the most!!... smash atkins diet.. i can't resist to take the carbonara... wohooooo! yummehhh!!

i know my BFF here, KID.. thin and cute chinese girl who can't read mandarin writing... kikikikiki~ she's really helpful.. she's good in arts.. she helped me a lot in developing this library.. im happy to make friend with her... :) she gave me tips to reduce weight as well.. haha

my boss? super duper kind person who 100% trust on me to build up this library... so this is the time to prove that i can do the job! so far he is so satisfied with my work..

He wrote this for me :)
Anyway, still early to measure what i've done... i hope i still can do well in my job..

hope so i can get better pay than this >.< haha

will post out the pictures of what i've transformed here..

Till then..




What to write for today?

hurmm... i've decided to breakup with 'abang'..

it's not actually fully breakup.. fully breakup? can meh? hentam sajolah...

I decided to be silent, disappeared from his life...

i told him, i will wait for him...

i gave him my address which he can come to me when the time he ready to have commitment to me...

for this time being, i can consider myself as single but not available.. still can meh?

There was a story behind this situation where i need to have space for myself...

to think improve myself, to heal the hurt.. to have space for myself and Allah... its easy to say istiqamah but to implement? i believe i can...

i know it happened because of my fault... i was too far from Allah... preoccupied with love.. which i shouldn't  be like that...

Alhamdulillah... Allah loves me... HE loves me so much...

I hope to consistently doing this...

Allah is GREAT... You are the best planner in universe.


Thursday, January 9, 2014

Blogilates.. the new beginning

have you heard about blogilates before?

not related to blogilates...haha
my friend was telling me this exercise but i don't even have time to browse through.. actually ignored

today suddenly i have the spirit to start what i've left before..which was DIET...

funny right? so i just search in google what is blogilates..

oh no!! the exercises are so cruel to meeeee!

i think i can't do that! hello hello hello...

who said you can't do that? you can! can! can!

you need to motivate yourself!

please fiza... please do the 90 days challenges..

start measure your body weight...

then follow the meal plan and exercise..

do motivate me guys!

footnotes: please google what is blogilates ya! see ya..haha


The latest..

Just wanna share my latest pic...

took this morning.. as usual.. selfie.. or syok sendiri?

I don't mind... as long as im happy :)

a lot more to talk... please faster than snail fiza! huhu

see ya!

Footnote: Please pray for my happiness, please pray for my safety in this world and hereafter..



There is something in my mind.. thinking of writing up but its hard to express..

yeah! yesterday i was blind date with someone who i know him in wechat...

probably, our conversation was good... fyi, since a long time ago.. i like to blind date...

opss! don't misinterpret cause the reason was i just want to find more friends :)

F.R.I.E.N.D which we can share stories.. emotions.. express our feelings (happy, sad, angry and so on..)

he's nice... we had talked about my problem... heart broke.. breakup.. sad.. but i can't cry in front of him..

he keep forcing me to express what i feel.. but i can't..

for the first time in my life when i face people, i can't look straight into their eye..

he said im rude... for me not.. i just don't want to look at him... easy right?

by the way, we met at pizza hut (damansara aliff)... around 6 p.m. and we dismissed at 7.15 i think, for maghrib..

that's the story...


Wednesday, January 8, 2014



I should write about him as a memory....

yeah, even this was a nightmare of losing him...

i believe in myself.. cause i have Allah...

tq so much for all these 2 years, u being with me...

there were lot of things we went through together...

unfortunately we can't stay together..

I can't help it... i really can't... im so sorry dear 'abang..'

I have to let you go.. we aren't suit each other..

i plan so many things for us.. end up.. it happen like this... ;(

so sad to talk about this... im just writing it up as our memory which i can refresh in future...

Mohd Anuar Mohd Yusof..

we were known each other in tagged.. at the first time as friend, a year after we decided to be a couple..

im happy and accepted the relationship...

I move on from previous relationship... :)

knowing you was great, u always make me smile with your silly jokes..

we were born in the same month... december..

we were most likely the same character.. jokes, laughs and hard working...

that was the best moments to remember...

we were dating after few months declared, i was so happy to meet you..

i was on leave and met kak ati and ummi first before i met you..

we were dating at tanjung harapan... :) did you still remember?

almost magrib and we saw sunset together and ate rojak, french fries and u drank milo if im not mistaken...

the funny thing when i was there 2 times at the same day... i went with kak ati and ummi... then kak ati sent me to the hotel and you said you can't wait to meet me and at the same evening we met and went to tanjung harapan again... :) haha... best right?

after that few things happened and i came down to klang quite often to meet you... almost every month right? i will sacrifice everything to meet you... because of your working nature doesn't allow you to apply leave and spend time with me...

i tried to understand... always try to understand and make you understand me... i do for nothing actually... am i right?

abang.. if you can read this... i can say i love you.. i want to be with you... i want you to be my husband... you can guide me... we will build up our own family... but it doesn't happen as what i imagine.. plans is coming in Allah's hand..

few thing i regret of not being with you.. but i still need to redha for what had happened in my life... don't worry.. we will accept all these things.. only TIME can heal this hurt...

I need to wait for TIME to recover me.. hope so soon will be recovered..

Abang, wherever you go, whoever stay with you... you need to know i'm really happy for what we had before... i wrote a few letters for you.. when i was down and you were in China and can't be contacted..
i should pass it to you and you can read what i've written for you..

Thank you for everything abang!

you were my memory which will always be remembered! In shaa Allah...

Thank you for accepting me all this while..

forgive me... for letting you go from my life..

i've so many pictures of us...

when the time comes, i will delete from my phone...

i hope to meet you one day...

See you abang...


Mohd Syahiq Uwais & Mohd Ariffudin

I should write this ealier!

Sorry kids! fortunately i still didn't forget both of you.. maafkan auntie ye.. ;)

both of them are the cutest creatures.. gifted to both of my good friend.. Suriati Wahkiman and Siti Noorhaya Abdullah..

Lucky them, both are my BFF from school life... until now.. Alhamdulillah.. hope this relationship will last longer.. ameen...

Suriati, she has 2 kids and haya still 1 (hope to add more soon!! yeayyy).. 

They named it as in the title.. 

im sure it brings a very good meaning..

may both of you become a good son!

auntie loves you!

will meet you someday for sure (^_^)

by the way ariff more chubby than afiq..

grow up fast and meet auntie k!

Love ya!
Mohd Syahiq Uwais

Mohd Ariffudin

Im not sure when will my turn but i always pray to have my own children someday.. still can't find anybody to be my partner.. they come and go.. its okay!

Please pray for me too ya!



Every time this finger on a keyboard.. the middle finger will always press back space..

i don't know how to start..

i didn't start any work for today..

i want to talk to somebody.. whom i can share anything without judging me as a bad person..

how do i start? i can write but i can't express the feeling..

i must write cause one day, i will read it..

i should read it..

as a memory...

what has happened in my life..

how i went through and faced the life..

what i do for living..

what were the best and bad things i had in this life..

i was so regret in this life..

the most important thing i lost!

Oh no!!


Heart broke


early morning...

nothing much to say..

"I feel relieve to release both of them"..

That was my best decision so far..

I need time and space to think...

I'm so tired this time...

My effort wasn't enough to find somebody to be my husband ;(..

So sad.. I wasted almost 2 years sacrifice for him but i didn't get anything from this relationship..

i felt so terrible.. have to come back to Allah..

Please help me.. please forgive me Dear Allah..

You are the ONE and ONLY ONE can help me..

You are my creator.. You knows everything... my past, present and future...

Thank you Allah for giving me the opportunities to get back to YOU..

You are the GREAT..

Will talk more in next entry.. ;(


Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Atiqah turning 2 years old

huiiii si demok2 budak ni turned to 2yo on oct 2013..

mak dia request acik fiza dia ni buatkan cupcake for her... :)

anything untuk budak demok..the only niece in family..huhu

atiqah ni bijak sangattt!

nakal pon ye..biaselah budak kan...

tapi dia ni comel..

skang ni dah pandai cakap lagi lahhhh... 

pandai lawan cakap jugak ni..

slalu gadoh ngn aku..haha

somel lettew~~ ngeh2..

time ni nak raya..dia main nyanyi2..

makanan of the day~

dimasak oleh makcik beliauuu..hehe

cupcake homemade by acik fiza!

cake kecik tu pon aku buat...

somel kannn...


hadik n jiran-jiran...

kengkawan mak diaaa...

eh..malu2 lak demok ni...haha...dua2 aku sayam!

Picnic at Tanjung Balau


ni entry separuh jalan aku type tahun lepas lettew!! haha (tulisan italic kat bawah tu entry taon lepas)

picnic ngn! borak gosip borak gosip..

pastu makan..

pastu hujan..

pastu mancing..


taktau nak sakap ape ni...huhu


Semalam nak marathon entry tapi tak tertype pulak.. malas kaedahnya... haha.. so nak sambung activity weekend which was on sunday.. since skang ni cuti sekolah..pepagi lagi mak and jiran sebelah dah buat meeting bawah pokok rambutan depan rumah..kikikikiki... cakap punya cakap mak kuar cadangan 'petang ni pegi balau jom!'.. haisshh..jiran aku menyambut baik cadangan tersebut.. lepas set sume... balik rumah masak..kemas sikit-sikit.. lepas zohor berlepas ke tanjung balau.. alahai tak jauh sangat dari rumah aku... 20 minit sampai ler...

then dah sampai cari port baik kat area resort tu or near kolam renang tu, bentang tikar repot lepas tu duduk la amik angin sambil tengok kanak2 riang mandi manda...hohoho

abaikan perot moncittttt



jerawat pon nak cite ke...
ade aku kesah? haha..

perangai burok sangat bila ade jerawa aku suke kopek2...
kuis2 sampai berdarah and jadi kudis..


abaikan hidom kembam...haha

hayookkk darahhhh!!

Klang, Selangor

Gambar2 yang ni tak silap aku masa aku nak jmpa anuar...

boyfriend aku ler..sape lagi.. sanggup wey turun klang.. kengkonon ler..

cinta tu kan buta... buta sangatttttttttttttt (mata ke atas, tangan didada)...

first time ler jmpa lepas setahun kenal kan.. (more to tell about him in next entry.. dia pon maybe tinggal sejarah untuk aku..soooooooooo saddd!)

aku kan suke amik gambau syok sendiri... biase tu la kan.. haha!

dalam bas.. takde keje kot nak drive sensorang g kl nun..hehe

kakak ati yang comel.. she's with me :) more to talk about her also...

somel kan tengkorak... kalau aku pakai casing fon ni ade can tak nak kurus macam tengkorak ni..hehe

us at GM klang..sopping timeeee!

sopping manik for rayaaaa!!

banyak kannnnn!

kakak ati and ummi... kalau ade award untuk mak yang sporting.. it goes to ummi...

me and kak ati :)

kakak ati and ummi comell bangetttt

me and ummi..

ummi and me :)

peace yo!!

macam kaka ngn adik kannn..haha

2 of us!!
hope soon boleh jmpa kak ati and family..

too many stories to tell her.. miss her as well..

feel guilty sangat2 kat kak ati..

sorry kak ati ;(