Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Mohd Syahiq Uwais & Mohd Ariffudin

I should write this ealier!

Sorry kids! fortunately i still didn't forget both of you.. maafkan auntie ye.. ;)

both of them are the cutest creatures.. gifted to both of my good friend.. Suriati Wahkiman and Siti Noorhaya Abdullah..

Lucky them, both are my BFF from school life... until now.. Alhamdulillah.. hope this relationship will last longer.. ameen...

Suriati, she has 2 kids and haya still 1 (hope to add more soon!! yeayyy).. 

They named it as in the title.. 

im sure it brings a very good meaning..

may both of you become a good son!

auntie loves you!

will meet you someday for sure (^_^)

by the way ariff more chubby than afiq..

grow up fast and meet auntie k!

Love ya!
Mohd Syahiq Uwais

Mohd Ariffudin

Im not sure when will my turn but i always pray to have my own children someday.. still can't find anybody to be my partner.. they come and go.. its okay!

Please pray for me too ya!


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