Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Aku Berdrama Swasta

Hahahah, entry tak bleh blah!! ecely, last friday ade drama kat kat kolej played by Foundation in Science students...aku pon sebok la dok berdrama kat blakang (jadi penonton jek)... ahahah..

Tapi these students were done very good job!! seriously, they are awsome guys.. the roleplay was done successfully under supervision of Madam Jayaturka. It was the great event held in Masterskill JB.

Check it out the pictures! enjoy guys!

Alladin group: the bestt!!

Sleeping Beauty Group: The best jugak

Beauty and The Beast: i like the princess..hahha

Commercial break..haha

Me and lulu - Royal Fairy in Sleeping Beauty - Comel kan?

They are awsome guys

Little Mermaid...

Me and Arlin (Alladin's Group)

Madam HEmaaaa~

Overall, sangat best and menerujakan...~~~


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