Monday, January 17, 2011

Medical Library Masterskill JB Campus

just want to talk about my career now..
i involve with 'librarianship' field *which i love the most* since oct 2010
almost 4 month..
assigned to be librarian at Johor Campus which meant for MBBS program..
quite happy with this jobsss, worksss and reponsibilities
*with many 'ssss' because need to do many works*
i came here with '0' whereby i need to set up the library from empty until it full with medical books...
acquisition of books at early stage already done by En.RAZMAN who is chief at HQ..
*need to report to him*
physically here i planned with some stuff already ordered by management <-- before i was employed
so, just want to share some pics before library fully finish by november..
this pics taken by me during visit on october with:
Dr. Jamal (Dean), Madam Geetha (Academic Manager, Dr. Tajudeen), En. Wahab and one more person i can't remember his name..
i want to make this library as cafe style..we do have wifi..
and make students happy to enter library which i need to think about it...
so, enjoy with all the pics yaa....

before it covered with glass

all the shelves and table

entrance of library (pic inside is madam geetha) - sweet and nice lady here..

right and left side we have mirror <-- i thought to make this library spacier..

Back view of our library <-- our planning to make it as study area..

Mini discussion table

constuction all the way.....

Opac table for students search books via system

Counter table for borrowing and returning..<-- quite big and im HAPPY with it

entire library from right side..

pic from outside..

back view with all construction work

the whole library from left side..

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