Thursday, December 23, 2010

Im serious when im working ok!!

ok...nak update skit pasal keje..
for those knew who i am, i can be funny, i can be sporting..
BUT i also can be seriuos person..
it will become serious when im working..
isn't it AKMAL..??
he knows everything..haha
i forced him to go back late..
because i have to finish up everything..
everything laaaaaaa... (*nyanyi lagu you are my everything)
i dont know..this pics taken by AKMAL, when im working..
suddenly he gave me the pic..
so i uplod it la...haha


berkerut2...abis wrinkle2 muka i...haha

Aku rasa bila tak senyum BURUK tol muka aku...haha

ok...i will introduce them...madam geetha (head of administration and operation) and her husband Dr. Tajuddin (Head of Department of Anatomy)...both of them are superb sporting, keep motivating me and they are very romantic couple eventhough they have 3 girls and the eldest one is 19 years old...during borak-borak time tadi, she told me im like his eldest daughter and the other 2 staffs will be her 2nd and 3rd daughter..haha...

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