Friday, February 11, 2011

" sedikit perbualan "

Mdm Geetha and Dr. Tajudeen

11 Jan 2011 (friday)

Little conversation happened among me and Dr. Tajudeen (Head of Department Anatomy/lecturer) sewaktu on the way back from lab masterskill,

me: me

dr. : Dr. Tajudeen

me: Hai Dr.

dr.: Hai siti

me: when you going back to KL?

dr.: InsyaAllah in a short while

me:ok sir, have a safe journey ok..

dr: ok, InsyaAllah, thank you siti..GOD bless you

then i went straight to stairs,

he called me back..

dr.: siti..

mr: yes dr. can i help you?

dr.: i have a good news for u

me: what is it sir?

dr.: but please dont tell anybody ok..

me: ok sir.

dr.: you look very sweet, you look lost some weight you know..

me: heheheh...thank you dr.

dr.: yes, im serious, u look like my daughter..

hehehe..itu je nak cerita..Alhamdulillah..


another some touching conversation with madam geetha (wife Dr. Tajudeen)..

out from toilet..

me: me

mdm: madam geetha

me: Hai madam, you going back now?

mdm: yes darling..

me: take care..

suddenly she said: we love you too

me - pending for a while and suddenly i notice i sent her letter with this word

'to beloved madam geetha'

'we all love you'

'dont sad-sad ok'


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